The Society for Dance Research (SDR) releases newsletters throughout the year where we invite people to write short reports on sessions that the readership will have an interest in. For Dance Fields, we are currently looking for reports to be written.

The pieces can be anything from 500 words upwards or have a length that people will happily read in an email form.  It is an opportunity to write short concise reflective pieces that will be read by members of the society and help us to continue the discussions started in the sessions.  With the report we can include any contact information the authors wish: website addresses, twitter, blogs etc.. as a networking opportunity.

If interested in writing a report for Dance Fields, do contact asap.  If you are not available for this conference, but would be interested in writing for future events, then please inform Lisa Wilson.

There will also be a SDR table at the Dance Fields conference where people can sign up for membership; find out about the wonderful benefits included in the SDR membership; and the work and events the society organise and undertake.

Many thanks, see you all soon.

LISA WILSON, Newsletter Editor for the Society for Dance Research

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